Orizontes Studios
Adamas - Milos

Orizontes Luxury Studios & Apartments in Milos is the place where hospitality and tradition meet comfort and relax. The combination of attractive prices, panoramic view to the port and Greek hospitality will provide the visitors the tranquility and revitalization at their stay.
Our Hotel in Milos
Orizontes Studios and Apartments are located in a quiet idyllic place between Adamas, the port of Milos and the beautiful, famous, white Sarakiniko beach. The visitor needs only 15 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by car to Adamas as well as Sarakiniko. Adamas is one of the most popular commercial center with restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets, travel agencies, banks, taxis and public transportation.

Map & location
Luxury & Comfort
Built and designed in the cycladic style, with white and blue colors, the studios offers the visitors the peace and quiet they need on vacation.

Facilities & Hospitality
Orizontes Studios and Apartments ensures that all visitors with functional spaces, natural decoration and helpful staff will enjoy their holidays in a friendly environment.


Accommodation in Studios and Apartments

Comfortable & modern studios
50 m²    up to 4 persons    1 double bed & 2 sofa beds
25 m²     up to 2 persons    1 double bed
25 m²     up to 2 persons    1 double bed
25 m²     up to 2-3* persons    1 double bed
Eco Friendly pool
Eco Friendly pool sanitation system, 100% chlorine free or any other chemicals. We use hi-end automated sea salt electrolysis system to clean the water, the pool is monitored 24h via Wi Fi so the water is guaranteed fresh and clean all day long.

Awards & Certificates

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