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COVID-19 Announcement

In Orizontes Studios we adapt our operation considering the new Safety standards & Hygiene protocols.

Starting from fully antiseptic equipped studios, providing on-line check-in, using the appropriate equipment we will be welcoming our guests in our outdoor spaces and garden always keeping the safety distances.

Main measures & procedures:

Check out time will be at 11.00 am and check-in will be at 15.00 pm in order to have additional time for the thorough cleaning of the rooms.

Inside the rooms, you will find antiseptic, soap, towels, and of course, our welcome wine treat! Every additional not basic equipment like magazines, laundry bags, bathrobes, decoration pillows & covers will be removed.

We have reinforced our cleaning staff by increasing the frequency of disinfecting the rooms, the common spaces, the private areas of the studios, and particularly shared-use objects and areas (lobby, door handles, pool area, room cards, kettles, etc.). All the sheets and towels are being washed in the washing machine over 70C with cleaning products according to the COVID 19 hygiene protocol. The mattresses are being vaporized at high temperatures to destroy any virus or germ.
The staff is being trained by authorized companies with recognized international prestige to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, using new cleaning and disinfection techniques adapted to the current situation.

• We have provided our employees with personal protective equipment.
• We are using cleaning products recommended specifically for disinfecting COVID 19.
• We have hand sanitizer available to guests in the common spaces for use.
• We have extended service hours to guarantee capacity and safe distances between guests.
• We will continue to ensure that hygiene and cleanness are our top priority across all our operations.

The frequency of cleaning and disinfecting our swimming pool & around areas will be increased and disinfectant eco-friendly products suitable for the current situation will be used for the water. We use a high-tech electrolysis/pool cleaning system, specialized in the treatment of all bacteria and viruses, with a friendly method to humans and the environment without the use of chemicals or other harmful substances. The electrolysis method only works with sea salt and low voltage electricity, all of which are controlled by a computer.

NSRF 2014-2020
Our company based on the program "Special Purpose Compensation" as amended by EU Communication no.            C(2020) 2215 / 3.4.2020 (Temporary Framework) and under number C(2020) 3156 / 8.5.2020, and in particular
Section 3.10 thereof, received financial support of €5,030.00 which was used to cover fixed and operating expenses.